Sunday, 28 August 2005

Our Park

I say our park because that is the way we all thought of it - we spent hours roller skating round the bandstand...later dancing round the same bandstand - the dances that were held there were not just for children - grown ups were there but us kids just joined in - there were soldiers - Airmen - American Service men besides half of Norwich they were great nights...

It was the same park we used to go down the Air-raid shelter after we had the bomb drop in a small backyard and destroyed our Anderson shelter..

Its the park our Mum used to take me my younger brother and my sister who is two years older than me for a picnic when it was our Birthdays even during the war she made sure we had sandwichs and a birthday cake. for our special days.

Its the park where I cut my head open on one of the swings on the playing field - and the ambulance driver gave me "threepenny joe" for being brave..

So I will always think of it as OUR PARK.....Ally



mtrib2 said...

I always appreciate the stories of your childhood Ally.  My mother told me that during the great depression here in the U.S., she stayed with a relative as she was old enough to leave her parents home, and was a young woman.  She told me how people would come to their home asking for food, and she would have sandwichs to give them.  It is hard to imagine how people did those things during that period in our history.  People helping strangers, just because they felt a connection with the entire population.  Life is so different today.  There is a lesson to be learned about how people treated and helped one another during that difficult time in our history.   Take care,     mark  

jeanno43 said...

Loved reading about your park.  We had one the same - we just called it "the rec"  It had a concrete paddling pool, a big roundabout, slide and a rocker, you know where several children could get on together.  We played out until dark in summer, you never had to worry about being abducted or molested then.

funnyface0s0 said...

Hi Ally
Thank you for the kind comments that you left on my journal.  Although it is sad and shocking news we are both positive - we will beat it :o)
I love reading your journal and your bygone years, as a child i used to love listening to my grandma telling me stories of when she was a little girl.
Take care
Luv Jayne

sarajanesmiles said...

Another lovely entry :o)
We had a park too, though it was a little too far away to play at all the time, instead we played in the street most of the time.  Not in the road though, we weren't allowed to even cross the road, let alone play in it!
Sara   x