Wednesday, 13 December 2006


Thankyou Donna for the above graphic

Twelve days to go


Lucky has made herself at home and loves getting into boxes ~ she now gets on well with Joy's other cats and everyone loves her she is such a cute little kitty ~ her favourite passtime at the moment is bringing leaves in from the garden and  she piles them up on the floor in front of Tim ~ on several occassions she has brought spiders in and drops them on the floor ~ just so long as she dosn't give them to me because they are still alive ~  


Lyn decorated our smaller Christmas tree and it looks very pretty ~ It lights up and changes colour ~ don't know if we are going to put the big one up this year ~


Still have a bit of Christmas shopping to do ~ yesterday we went and bought the Turkey ~ Ham ~ Beef and a Chicken ~ The Turkey was too big to go in our freezer so until we need it it is in Lyn's friends Chest Freezer ~ neither of us gave it a thought it might be too big ~




halliday0957 said...

Neat, tidy and very very nice

nightmaremom said...

I love the tree!  It looks so pretty with the red bows.

lindachapmanuk said...

That tree is perfect! Lynne is a good tree decorator, mine doesn't look like that! Lucky is so sweet and I love your graphics 12th day etc Linda xx

springangel235 said...

Just beautiful, I love your tree...all the pretty red bows and the kitty looks so adorable...what a beauty...have a wonderful day...hugs and love,

faveanti said...

Can Lyn pop round and do our tree as well, do you think?  She's good at it.  They always look sort of 'raggy' when I do them!.  Love, Angie, xx

bbartle3 said...

The Black cat is curled up
next to the goodies. Smart
cat. Meow-Purrr-Meow =
"Isn't Christmas the cat's pyjamas?!"

- Barry

jeanno43 said...

Lucky is so cute. We used to have a black cat called Lucky when we first married.  Your tree looks lovely.

oddb0dkins said...

Cats are the strangest creatures aren't they, lol. I haven't even thought about Christmas shopping yet. Plenty of time. ;O) B. x

emabecmar said...

awwww what an adorable kitty. and the tree is beautiful. hope your having a wonderful week. ((((((((hugs))))))))))

tillywooat62 said...

lovely tree Ally, and Lucky is a beautiful cat, thankyou for the christmas card,
take care Lynne xx

lindaggeorge said...

Hope the turkey will fit in your oven!

I had a lovely, much missed, cat called Rover who used to bring me leaves. He would be so proud and shout until I came and admired his latest offering.

Linda x.

stupidsheetguy said...

Such a cute set of photos! That little tree sure is a beauty!


memes121 said...

My Sara loves boxes! She goes crazy when I bring one in, LOL Tammy

astoriasand said...

Awwwwwwwww Lucky looks so comfy Ally in that little box.His own little resting place LOL!! In the corner out of peoples way too.Your Tree looks lovely Ally.Tell Lynn she has done a lovely job.I am still battling with mine a job which realy frustrates me I must admit.I wonder how many people make the mistake of not thinking about the Turkey fitting into the freezer.Me for one on many occasions,and still I forget at times,so good to read I am not alone on this one... .LOL!!!! No sweeping of leaves where Lucky is then LOL!! Yes keep the spiders away from me too Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! I am terrified of them LOL!! Take Care have a lovely evening.I am catching up.It's a full time job,here in J/Land .Goodnight and Godbless Take Care Best wishes to Lynn and family too.

jmoqueen said...

Lucky looks so lovely :-)  thanks for sharing the pics with us!!  OOoooo I wouldn't be very good with live spiders either lol.........The tree looks very nice :-)


pm71blackfen said...

Lucky certainly looks very comfy settled in the corner like that!  He looks as though he wants to be out of the way of all the festivities until Christmas is over!  Your tree looks like a 'designer' tree Ally with the pretty red bows!  Thanks for sharing the photos with us. ~~Pat

jeadie05 said...

Lucky really  is a lucky black cat isnt he ? your tree with the red bows looks lovely Ally ,thankyou for our Christmas card ,seems we are still on the same wave length?,will the turkey fit the oven ? Jan xx

jlocorriere05 said...

Lucky's gorgeous, cats love to give you little pressies. Katinka likes to give me chewed up till receipts! Lol! As Jan said, I hope the turkey fits in the oven! Jeannette xx

helloimkara said...

I love the litte tree and Lucky is so darned cute!  Happy shopping.


susanebunn said...

Oh precious Lucky!  I think it is just adorable that he brings presents in for everyone!  What sweet little cat.  Wow!  What alot of meat for Christmas!  You're going to have a glorious feast!  Dazzled me to my sock tops!


blpltt said...

I do miss having a cat; Esther, our last one, died 15 years ago, and since then we have been encouraging the birds.  She looked very much like Lucky.  Bunny xx

mtrib2 said...

I wonder what Lucky thinks the spiders are good for? lol    The tree Lyn decorated is wonderful!    I bought a smoked ham that I started eating yesterday that is delicious!    I will have to cut it into packages and put it in the freezer since it will take me weeks to eat.     mark

sonensmilinmon said...

The tree you have is beautiful with all the red ribbons.  I think my tree needs more lights but, I'm not about to go buy more right now.  I'll wait until after Christmas for the half price sale price.

You cat looks adorable, we have a black kitten that we thought would be all over the tree or tearing up the ornaments.  So far he's been a perfect little angel.  At this time we haven't put any award out for our devil kitty, we think we will keep this little angelic one that is here now. :-)


mrsm711 said...

Hi Ally, Nice Journal.  I've added you to my alerts.  I will be back.  :)     Tracy

rayne1123 said...

lucky is a comfy kitty!  i love the small tree, lyn did a great job on it
hope all is well

yakima127 said...

Very cute tree...Jae

egre328 said...

Love your tree, it is very pretty.  I can see that Lucky is at home guarding the biscuits!!!!!!  Eileenx

tellsg said...

Lucky is very sweet, what a darling little cat.  I love the photo of him in the box, checking it out.  Bet he likes the look of the Christmas tree too, I used to have terrible trouble when my cats were young.  Hugs.  Terry x

wldconnie said...

I hope the turkey will fit in the oven! One year I had to cut bits off it as it was too big for the oven!! love conniexx

icklemisssexpot said...

LOL at your turkey being too big for the freezer...As me and kerry are the only two who like turkey then i've never had that problem...IF we have turkey then i just buy the smallest one i can find...Mikey wants chicken this year but it will be his chicken fillets and garath will have his usual gammon...Haven't asked kerry what she wants yet LOL   Caff xxxxx

xxroxymamaxx said...

Ally!  I am nowhere near being done. lol.  And I'm so sick of shopping that I can't stand it. I'm glad you are getting yours all done.  love and hugs, Shelly

cacklinrosie101 said...

Sheesh, I didn't get the alert for this.  Your Christmas tree is so pretty.  I wish I had kept the small one I had for my sunporch.  It was so old and dusty so I threw it out this past summer.  Our Mocha loves to hide in boxes and laundry baskets.  Such a pretty kitty.  xx Chris

nedmoh said...

Hi Ally thank you for your lovely Christmas card.Your tree looks really pretty with the red bows,we did ours last weekend when the grandchildren were here to stay  in fact they did most of it .Great photos ,lucky is a lovely cat ,they always find nice warm comfy places to sleep.You have been busy buying all your meat for Christmas ,have you a big enough Turkey tin for cooking it ?.......Love Jeanxx

cayasm said...

Both my cats love getting into boxes too. Lets hope you can get the turkey into the oven lol


lsfp1960 said...

I love your little tree.  It looks about the same size as mine.  My Gabi has no interest in the tree or anything else I've brought out for hoilday decorating.  She's only interested in me spending the whole day on the sofa so she can sleep on my lap and eating.  I guess when you're a Persian, you just look at the world differently.   LOL    Linda in Washington  

andrewfrnd said...

Your tree looks fantastic. Thanks for your comments

jayveerhapsody said...

Ally, your"Twelve Days of Christmas" is delightful - I love it!  Lucky seems to do all the same things that my cat Scratch does. Maybe I'll send Scratch over to your house for Christmas (it will give me a break!).  Have a joyous holiday season.......  Jon

bbartle3 said...

"Lucky has made herself at home and loves getting into boxes ~"

Since my first Comment  on your
Christmas Entry I've had a cat adventure.
There is a homeless female cat in our
neighborhood. Getting near her is an
impossibility. She, and her kittens, have
produced an army of cats: no mice
in our neighborhood. The 'original' Mother
cat sits on the warm grill of our car after
I put the car in the car port. I've wooed
her with soft talk. Breakthrough: she stayed
on the narrow grill even after I sat behind
the wheel. I variously communicated with
her for many minutes always expecting
her to flee. Her perusal of my face, I swear,
was intelligent. I even gently tapped on
the windshield. This cat was NOT hungry, she
was lonely!  

Even cat's change at Christmas!

Can't have a cat: too many children.

csandhollow said...

My cats love boxes too. and laundry baskets with cleam clothes not the dirty ones! LOL
Merry Christmas!

gaboatman said...

Lucky is one cute littel kitten!  I'd say Joy and Tim are the Lucky ones.  Your tree looks very pretty and the "Twelve Days of Christmas" was great!

rjet33 said...

Oh what a cute kitty, we had one like that before named Licorice.  Well, glad I have caught up some with your journal this morning!~